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My Name is Tony

With a dance career that spans more than 20 years of performing and teaching throughout North America, Tony Vitale has established himself as a staple in the industry. 


Born in Detroit, Tony moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old to study with dance icon, Jackie Sleight at the world renowned Edge Performing Arts Center in Hollywood California.  His performance credits include: appearing in Sister Act 2, Clueless and Young and the Restless, touring with Reba McIntyre and Harry Blackstone and working on countless commercial and industrial projects.  


Inspired by the Detroit Tiger's run for the pennant in 2011, Tony wrote and produced the song, "That's Detroit" which has been embraced by locals as a team battle cry and even now can be heard during today's playoffs games around the city and is available for purchase on iTunes.  


Tony has a real passion for sharing his experiences and working with children and young adults. He produced an intesive 

program called Happiness that was attended by students from across the country and focused on the pursuit of passion through dance.  Tony has taught and judged for multiple dance conventions and competitions. Currently, you can take classes from Tony in select cities with Manhattan Dance Project.

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